The Registry of Padel Professionals was founded in Spain in 1993 and has become the largest, oldest and global leader organization dedicated to providing educational programmes, international certification and comprehensive services to professional padel coaches, academies and clubs, with the aim of training and developing better people for a better world through padel. With over 7.700 certified coaches in 61 countries, the RPP is also responsible for promoting the sport at all levels by organising events, tournaments, competitions, clinics and educational activities for amateurs. The RPP is part of the International Coaches Institute.
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Our Courses

The Registry of Padel Professionals offers a comprehensive training program based on the needs that padel academies and clubs require nowadays.

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International Certifications

The Registry of Padel Professionals have trained more than 7.700 certified coaches and Padel instructors in 61 countries, thus confirming the involvement of the RPP in the development of padel in Spain in the last 29 years.

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Our System

Since 1989 we have developed and registered 20 educational patents that position us as leaders and pioneers in professional and sports training.

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Our Courses

We are all “Students”, the only way to maintain our athletic, academic or professional level is to guarantee our growth every year. Furthermore, we are all «Athletes», the only thing that differentiates us is the field where we compete. Improve your sports, academic or professional results with us.

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El Experto - Luis Mediero

Managing your energy is the key to obtaining extraordinary results. Wake up the «Athlete» you have inside you and transform yourself into a «Corporate Athlete» through our training programs, where you will find the formula to maximize your energy and reach the Ideal Competitive State, to perform in high demand environments.

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Sede Central

Leaders of the sports industry and the business world offer the keys for you and your team to grow on a personal and professional level.  A unique opportunity to grow internally from the hand of the best professionals in the world who will provide you with all their experience in the field of highly competitive sports and business.

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<strong>RPP SCANDINAVIA IS BORN</strong>

Mr. Patrik Bengtsson, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of PADEL EDUCATION SCANDINAVIA AB and Mr. Luis Mediero Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of REGISTRO PROFESIONAL DE PADEL SL – REGISTRY OF PADEL PROFESSIONALS has signed a multiyear contract to provide “EXCLUSIVE” coaches education, professional certification and integral services for Padel Coaches in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Founded in 1993 In Spain, RPP has more than 7.700 registered padel coaches in 61 countries, being the oldest and largest organization of padel coaches in the world.

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Curso Integral de Tenis

From the RPP – Registry of Padel Professionals, aware of the growth that Padel is experiencing at the international level, we have launched a HOMOLOGATIONS program that allows professionals, users and consumers to have the guarantee that the facilities, products or services they buy or use, meet all rules, regulatory and security requirements in force.

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International Certification

RPP Certification by the International Registry of Padel Professionals with more than 7.700 certified coaches from 61 countries since 1993, is recognized by the Spanish Professional Padel Coaches Association (APE Padel), United States Padel Association (USPA), European Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP Europe), International Coaches Institute (ICI), United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), International Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT International), Association of Sports Training Professionals (APE Deporte) and many leading organizations in the tennis industry.

In the last 29 years, Spanish Padel has laid the foundations which have inspired many countries around the world to develop the sport at all levels. The training and development of certified coaches has been crucial to this process. This genuine revolution has been possible thanks to the leadership of the RPP.