1. New Certificates of Professionalism

On the occasion of the celebration of our 25th Anniversary, you will receive a new professional accreditation from the International Coaches Institute, and another from the Registry of Padel Professionals, where the hours completed and distributed according to the levels finished and the qualifications obtained will be certified, through the following areas: On site Training, Study & Preparation, Online Training, Personal Development and Professional Experience, with the aim of tackling with guarantees the future new framework for the regulation of the profession and sports qualifications.


2. Professional License


You will receive a new professional license to practice padel teaching and coaching granted by the International Padel Coaches Association, implemented by the International Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP International), the European Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP Europe) and the Registro Profesional de Padel (RPP).

The RPP has become the largest private and independent organization of padel teaching technicians in Spain with more than 3,000 qualified coaches in all the Spanish autonomous communities. To check the qualifications that are in force you can consult the RPP, which will issue the corresponding certificate.

You will also obtain the license of the “Asociación de Profesionales de la Enseñanza de Padel” in Spain (APE Padel) and a new certificate of the International Registry of Padel Professionals. In addition, all members of the RPP Club with a European Community passport will receive the “European Community Certificate Supplement” certificate, which recognizes their right to be trained and accredits them to work in any country of the European Union, and professional qualification of the International Coaches Institute.


3. Global Assistance

Through the RPP you will have a unified voice in the Padel Industry, representing you in the most important events in this sector. We have an office in Madrid, with full-time dedicated professional staff, and four divisions in Europe, Latin America, Asia and America, with the aim of offering immediate service to all RPP Club members.

The RPP offers you the security of belonging to a global, private and independent organization that is characterized by being fast, agile and innovative, with more than 4,000 qualified coaches in 30 countries.

On you will find permanent information on all RPP activities: courses, clinics, etc.

Likewise, the RPP is present in social networks in order to keep you informed of all the news.

4. Total Security

We will provide you with Civil Liability Insurance, which covers the damages that you may cause to third parties while exercising activities related to the teaching of Padel.

Coverages and limits for Spain & Portugal (please consult for other countries in Europe / International):

  • Civil Liability Operation: € 300,000
  • Employer Civil Liability: € 300,000 (sublimit per victim € 150,000)
  • Total annual aggregate coverage € 300,000
5. Work Guarantee

With the qualification of the RPP, in accordance with current legislation, you have the right to work as a Padel Coach. We offer you the guarantee of the professional validity of the RPP degree and, in case of any problem, you will have the support of our entire organization and his law firm, who will be in charge of defending and enforcing all your rights.

In addition, we offer you a “job exchange” in Spain, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States, in clubs and public and private education centers. The RPP Club will keep you informed by e-mail of all job offers received both from Spain and abroad.

6. Continuous Training & Education

In 2019, the members of the RPP Club will be able to participate again for free in the courses corresponding to their degree and previous degrees in order to be up-to-date with the new systems and / or teaching methods. They can also be reexamined for free in case they need to overcome some level.

In case of wanting to train in the teaching of other sports / sectors, the partners will have a direct discount of € 50 in the Training Courses of the Registro Profesional de Tenis/Registry of Tennis Professionals and Registro Profesional de Golf/Registry of Golf Professionals.

We will send you your access code to enter WES (Web Education System), the online educational platform of our website, where you have more than 1,000 hours of training content: manuals, videos, presentations … and that we have updated to 2019

We will keep you informed permanently through a monthly newsletter and our social networks Twitter @rppadel and Facebook

7. Collaboration Agreements

Thanks to the agreement of the RPP with WILSON you will have exclusive prices on sports equipment.

You will also benefit from special discounts at NutriSport, a specialized company, since 1984, in high quality sports supplements, among which are bars, gels, energy drinks, tablets, etc., all manufactured in their facilities.

Through the RPMultimedia you will enjoy discounts in the advice and management of your corporate image (logos, cards, catalogs, etc.), as well as in the hosting, design and development of your website. An important tool to grow professionally. You can also have the RPP logo, which you can add to your website, signature, cards, etc

Affiliate or renew your membership before 15/01/19 and take a backpack from the RPP as a gift


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