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The new RPP Integral Course of Padel is specifically aimed at those professionals who run school padel centers with or without qualification, to all those coaches at the national and international circuit, players with WPT ranking or regional ranking who leaving their professional careers to pursue teaching padel, or experienced teachers / trainers who wish to deepen their knowledge about the educational programs of the RPP.

To access this course, it is mandatory to have at least 20 years old and fill out a registration with a curriculum vitae, which must be accepted by the Executive Committee of the RPP.

The new RPP Integral Course of Padel covers the new courses RPP Level 1 sbiniciación & RPP Level 2 sbavanzado, where 4 components are used, with 5 zones of performance / work, and several tools for development. We also analyze the new course RPP Level 3 sbdirección, applying 8 zones of performance / work, and a set of tools for implementation.

The new RPP Integral Course of Padel takes place over three days, where the four basic levels that make up the RPP Professional Training Program are reviewed, using educational patented programs: CDS: Concept Drive System, S2P: Simple, Sensible & Practical, WES : Web Education System and tetafime, with the following structure:


The RPP Basic Education System has been completely renovated with a new educational patent: tetafime, which consists of four pillars: te / technical, ta / tactical, fi / physical and me / mental, which have been linked, intertwined and interconnected so that any individual can reach his Ideal Competitive State.


RPP Level 1 – Basic Initiation System

Designed for instructors, teachers and coaches working with starter players, with the aim of introducing the paddle to children, youth and adults in a simple, easy and 100% practical way.

RPP Level 2 – Basic Advanced System

Designed for those technicians working with advanced or competition padel players.

Basic System of Management

Developed for all professionals who are involved in the management of schools and padel centers.

During the new RPP Integral Course of Padel there will be a continuous assessment of each of the participants, granting to the end of the course with the National Certification of the Registry of Padel Professionals, the European degree of European Registry of Padel Professionals and the International degree of International Registry of Padel Professionals:


RPP Spanish National Certification RPP European Certification RPP International Certification

rpp-international-certificationRPP Certification by the International Registry of Padel Professionals with more than 4.000 certified coaches from 30 countries since 1993, is recognized by the United States Padel Association (USPA), the International Coaches Institute (ICI) and the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)

In the last 25 years, Spanish padel has laid the foundations which have inspired many countries around the world to develop the sport at all levels. The training and development of certified coaches has been crucial to this process. This genuine revolution has been possible thanks to the leadership of the RPP.


To obtain these qualifications you must supply the Registry of Padel Professionals with documentation confirming that you have worked at least 600 hours teaching padel or tennis with different types of players or have managed schools and sports centers. To present this documentation you must complete the attached sheet in the manual for each course, that must be signed by an active RPP coach or the Director of a Club, School or Sports Center.


Reservation fee: 200 €
First day of the course: 700 €

This Price includes:

  • Manual of the RPP Integral Course of Padel with manuals of sbiniciación, sbavanzado y sbdirección
  • A pen
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Certificate of National Degree RPP Spain
  • Certificate of European Degree RPP Europe
  • Certificate of International Degree RPP International
  • Certificate of the International Coaches Institute
  • WES Password: Online Education