International Recognition

Official Certification Program – Programa Oficial de Titulaciones


The Registry of Padel Professionals – RPP has 8,823 qualified coaches in 90 countries, who have the highest recognition in the Padel industry. During its 31 years of existence, the RPP has trained more than 15,000 Padel coaches through its different educational programs around the world.

All our qualifications are recognized by: International Registry of Padel Professionals(RPP International), European Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP Europe), United States Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP USA), Registro Profesional de Padel Latinoamericano (RPP Latin America), International Coaches Institute (ICI), United States Padel Association (USPA) and the Spanish Association of Padel Teaching Professionals (APE Padel).

The Registry of Padel Professionals – RPP has carried out intense work promoting “Spanish Padel”, providing training courses for more than 4,000 coaches in all the autonomous communities and in almost all Spanish cities, so our contribution to the development of our padel is more than proven. The RPP was the exclusive teaching body of the Spanish Padel Association (Asociación/Agrupación Española de Padel) and the Spanish Padel Federation (Federación Española de Padel), being established even before the Spanish Sports Council recognized Padel as a sport in Spain.

Also, leading organizations in the Tennis Industry recognize the work of the Registry of Padel Professionals – RPP, among which are the International Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT International), the European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT Europe), the United States Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT USA), Latin American Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT Latin America), United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), ESTESS Athletic University (EAU), Professional Tennis Coaches Association (PTCA), Spanish Association of Tennis Teaching Professionals (APE Tenis ) and the Association of Sports Training Professionals (APE Deporte). The Qualifications of the Registry of Tennis Professionals – RPT are endorsed and recognized by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation.

The International Coaches Institute (ICI) has become the first and largest international organization dedicated to offering educational programs, international certification and comprehensive professional services to tennis, golf, padel, fitness and pickleball teaching professionals through their respective Professional Registries: Tennis(RPTennis), Golf (RPGolf), Padel (RPPadel), Fitness (RPFitness) and Pickleball(RPPickleball) with a clear objective: to offer all those tools necessary to train and develop people through sport. The ICI currently has +50,000 qualified coaches in 130 countries, and since its foundation in 1989, it has trained +100,000 sports coaches.

The ICI also operates in the business world with Corporate Athlete, applying the secrets of success in high-level sports competition to the business world, with the aim of offering different theoretical/practical advice so that professionals can reach the Ideal Competition State. The Corporate Athlete program has trained +15,000 senior managers worldwide to achieve higher levels of performance.


Europa & África 7.261 81%
América 1.233 15%
Asia & Oceanía 329 4%
Total 8.823 100 %