International Recognition

Official Certification Program – Programa Oficial de Titulaciones


The Registry of Padel Professionals has 6.307 certified technicians in 46 countries, thus confirming the involvement of the RPP in the padel industry in the last 27 years. The RPP was founded in Madrid (Spain) in 1993, and from here began its international expansion, which 3 divisions at present:


Europe & Africa 5.202 82%
USA & Latam 1.002 16%
Asia & Oceania 103 2%
Total 6.307 100 %


There are technical graduates by The Registry of Padel Professionals in 46 countries:

Alemania Argentina Australia Bélgica Brasil Canadá Chile
China Colombia Costa Rica Egipto Emiratos Arabes España EE UU
Finlandia Francia Grecia Italia Japón Mexico Noruega
Portugal Reino Unido Rep. Irlanda Suecia Suiza Uruguay Venezuela
Austria Estonia Holanda Turquía Rusia Dinamarca Guatemala
India Lituania Polonia República Checa Japón  Irán  Korea
Malasia Filipinas Tailandia Ucrania


The Registry of Padel Professionals has done extensive work promoting the «Spanish Padel», providing training courses for more than 3,500 coaches in all regions and in almost all Spanish cities, confirming our meaningful contribution to the development of Spanish padel. The RPP was the sole organization of teaching of the Spanish Padel Agrupation, Spanish Padel Association and Spanish Padel Federation, settling even before the National Sports Council recognizes the Padel as a sport in Spain