From the RPP – Registry of Padel Professionals, aware of the growth that Padel is experiencing at the international level, we have launched a HOMOLOGATIONS program that allows professionals, users and consumers to have the guarantee that the facilities, products or services they buy or use, meet all rules, regulatory and security requirements in force.

The HOMOLOGATIONS Program of the RPP is divided into 5 groups:

1. Homologation of Manufacturers

Homologation of Manufacturers of materials that are used in the construction and assembly of a Padel track, among which are included:
1A: Crystals.
1B: Metal mesh.
1C: Networks and Poles for fastening.
1D: Artificial grass and Sand.
1E:  Poles of light and Lighting.

2. Homologation of Installers

Homologation of Installers of the Materials that are used for the construction of Padel courts.

3. Homologation of Products

Homologation of Products directly related to the Padel practice, being used by any amateur or professional player, among which are included:
3A: Rackets.
3B: Balls.
3C: Shoes.
3D: Sunglasses.

4. Homologation of Facilites

Homologation of Facilities destined to the practice of the sport of Padel, that to be accredited must meet a series of conditions, among which are included:
4A: Courts that meet the established dimensions and regulated for the practice of Padel, as well as the regularity of the surface of game and security.
4B: Facilities that gather a minimum of services to be able to guarantee the practice of this sport to the user: changing rooms, recreation zone, pro shop , cafeteria and parking.

5. Homologation of Academies & Schools

Homologation of Academies & Schools that are dedicated to teaching programs for Padel players, regardless of age, level and ability to play. It includes the level of teaching staff, the material resources and the teaching program.

The quality seal of RPP is the official recognition of the quality obtained and offers the right to use the brand «RPP APPROVED» in any advertising or promotional model in any media related to it. For more information you can contact