Only 1% of all organizations that are created fail to meet its 31th anniversary. At the RPP we get it by listening to the market, to build our professional future. Innovating and applying new technologies, always in adaptation to changes. Thanks to our knowledge, open mind and thinking differentiator, we have established new ways of understanding the sport and opened new lines for teaching, in order to make a difference in the sports industry.

Because only the authentic and original remains. But everything must be renewed, and the International Coaches Institute have designed new educational programs with the CDS system: «Concept Drive System», S2P «Simple, Sensible & Practical» , WES «Web Education System» and «tetafime», establishing new services to help you improve your work with the maximum guarantee, producing new educational tools in multimedia format, creating new teaching materials, as well as promote the sport at all levels through different activities.

Only our philosophy and know how remain unchanged. We were born in Spain more than 35 years ago, and are now established in 130 countries, where more than 50.000 certified technicians by the International Coaches Institute, perform their work in a free and independent way.

The International Coaches Institute offers new ideas for sports, lifestyle and business through its various subsidiaries. For sports it operates through the Registry of Padel Professionals founded in Spain in 1993, which aims to offer the best and most complete training program, international certification and comprehensive services for Padel professional teachers and their schools , as well as promote the sport at all levels, with:

• THE GUARANTEE of having issued more than 8.800 teaching professionals and coaches in 90 countries, which enjoy the highest recognition in the Padel industry.

• THE EXPERIENCE of being born in 1993 as the exclusive training organization for the Agrupación Española de Padel, Asociación Española de Padel y Federación Española de Padel, and therefore the first organization to push this sport in our country. We have provided training courses throughout Spain, Europe, United States, Asia and Latin America, guarantee that our ongoing training program is the most comprehensive on the market.

• EXCLUSIVITY of having created the first club of comprehensive professional services for padel teachers: RPP Club ©; and the first official program to homologate Padel schools: RPP OTC ©.

• COMMITMENT to provide professionals working with the best tools we have published several teaching manuals, CDs and DVDs, besides having developed and patented materials such as SBIniciación ©, SBAvanzado ©, SBDirección ©, CDS programs: Concept, Drive , System ©, S2P: Simple, Sensible & Practical ©, WES: web Education System © Tetafime ©, ADJUSTIV © & Human Development Institute ©.

• RESPONSIBILITY to inform the market of the quality of our qualified technicians; in this way we launch continuous advertising and promotion campaigns both national and international media, as well as through our website which more than 300.000 visitors in the year.

• CONVICTION of having been always dynamic in the promotion of our sport, organizing several activities and clinics for players of all ages, abilities and levels of play.

• RECOGNITION by the fact of being integrated into the International Coaches Institute. The ICI was born in Spain 35 years ago and is now present in 130 countries, with more than 50.000 technical graduates in Tennis, Golf, Padel, Fitness & Pickleball, through their respective professional registries. The ICI qualifications are recognized by the European Union, through the European Community Certificate Supplement.

• INNOVATION always looking for the most advanced multimedia system: RPMultimedia for comprehensive training, implementation of new programs for teaching, the organization of the RPP World Tour, spread of our Padel around the world with the Spanish System Padel Course and various others activities to promote the sport.

• TRUST RPP is an organization that was born in Spain more than 35 years ago, and now is present in several countries, with an ambitious international development plan through 3 divisions: Europe, America and Asia, that are already operating from Madrid headquarters.

• ALWAYS AHEAD with the mission to continue providing the best educational programs, with an International Certification worldwide recognized, and with Professional Services that provide the best tools to train and develop the skills of people in the Padel.

Technical Comitee

Federico Bitán

  • RPP Technical & Operations Director
  • RPP Director for +15 years
  • Padel Coaching Experience: 20 years
  • Former PPT and WPT player
  • Padel Training Academy Director
  • Former RPT Tennis International Coach
  • Degree in Business Administration & Marketing
  • Certification: RPP International Master Professional

Luis Mediero

  • Founder & President RPP
  • Founder & President ICI
  • Founder & CEO Corporate Athlete
  • Author of patented teaching methods from beginners to professional players
  • Padel Experience: 30 years
  • Director of Coaching Courses for Sport Coaches in +80 countries
  • Certification: RPP International Master Professional

Fonsi Sernandez

  • RPP Director of Operations for USA & Latinoamérica
  • Professional Padel Player TOP#10 – US ranking
  • +15 years of PADEL experience
  • Certification: RPP Director of Padel & International Coach

José Solano

  • Founder & Director José Solano Padel Academy in Malaga
  • Padel Coaching Experience: +20 years
  • Coach of WPT players: Chingoto, Tello, Solano, Bea González..
  • Coach of World Junior Players: Coco, Calvo, Conejo, Dorado, Guerrero..
  • Former RPT Tennis International Coach & Director of Tennis
  • Certification: RPP International Master Professional

David Lapastora

  • Padel Director at Master Tennis & Padel Academy
  • Padel Director at Greenvilas Meco Sport Center
  • Padel Coaching Experience: +20 years
  • Professional Padel player
  • Degree in Business Administration
  • Certification: RPP Director of Padel & International Coach

Alberto Gil

  • Padel Director at Club de Tennis & Padel Estepona
  • Padel Coaching Experience: +15 years
  • Former RPT Tennis International Coach & Director of Tennis
  • Former RPG Golf International Instructor & Pro Player
  • Certification: RPP Director of Padel & International Coach

Andros Gallego

  • RPP Director of Operations for Saudi Arabia
  • +15 years of PADEL experience
  • Owner / Director Matchpoint Academy
  • Certification: RPP Director of Padel & International Coach