Registry of Padel Professionals offers a comprehensive training program based on the needs in the current padel industry, to be competitive in the work sphere with the best guarantees. Our educational program includes 3 basic levels and the RPP Integral Course of Padel for coaches, teachers and players with professional experience.

The RPP Basic Education System has been completely renovated with a new educational patent: tetafime, with four pillars: te / technical, ta / tactical, fi / physical and me/ mental, which have been linked, intertwined and interconnected so that any individual can reach his Ideal Competitive State.

The Professional Training Programme has three basic levels:

The new course RPP Level 1: Basic Initiation System is designed to share the experience of RPP in teaching techniques to those padel technicians who start working full or part time with players beginners and for players or amateurs who want to know padel teaching bases and improve their own performance. To participate in it is mandatory to be minimum 16 years old.
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The new course RPP Level 2: Basic Advanced System is intended for all teachers who have registered at Level 1 before and are working with advanced or competition players.
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The new course RPP Level 3: Basic System of Management is intended for all professionals who are involved in the management of Padel schools, both in clubs and sports centers. Can perform this course all teachers who have already registered in Level 2.
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The new RPP Integral Course of Padel is specifically aimed to those professionals who run padel schools with or without qualification, to all coaches and competition players that have left their careers to specialize in the management of padel schools and clubs.
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