International Certification


International Certification

Registry of Padel Professionals has 4.078 certified technicians in 30 countries, which have the highest recognition in the industry padle. During its 25 years of existence, the RPP has trained more than 5.000 padel coaches through its various educational programs.

All our qualifications are recognized by: European Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP Europe), International Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP International), Latin America Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP Latin America), International Coaches Institute (ICI) & European Community Certificate Supplement ( EU).


DEGREE: Padel Director

At the end of the Integral Course of Padel, all participants will be eligible for certification as: Padel Director

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DEGREE: International Professional

At the end of the course RPP Level 2, all participants will be eligible for the qualification: International Professional.

Tests are divided into 3 parts: Written, Pedagogic and Play. In the written exam you must present a document that deals with how planning training sessions for a group of advanced players for a quarter, following the models learned during the new course RPP Level 2. Available until 90 days once the course has ended.

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DEGREE:   National Professional, Instructor & Associate Instructor

At the end of the course RPP Level 1, all persons who have completed the course are eligible for qualifications: National Professional, Instructor or Associate Instructor, based on the scores obtained in the different tests.

The exams are divided into 3 parts: Written, Pedagogic and Play. The written exam consists of 40 questions with a total of 100 points. In the pedagogic part, you should teach a class of forehand or backhand to a group of students. In the part of the play, you must demonstrate your ability to execute different strokes, as well as develop a test for launching balls. All contents of the exams are covered in the Course Level 1 of the Registry of Padel Professionals. Furthermore a continuous evaluation will take place during the three days of the course for each participant, which will determine the final result.

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