The Registry of Padel Professionals – RPP has granted PADEL CLUBE official recognition as the first “APPROVED OFFICIAL TRAINING CENTER”  by the RPP in the United States of America.

The Registry of Padel Professionals was founded in Spain in 1993 and has become the largest, oldest and global leader organization dedicated to providing educational programmes, international certification and comprehensive services to professional padel coaches, academies and clubs, with the aim of training and developing better people for a better world through padel. With over 8.000 certified coaches in 75 countries, the RPP is also responsible for promoting the sport at all levels by organising events, tournaments, competitions, clinics and educational activities for amateurs. Also from the RPP, aware of the growth that Padel is experiencing at the international level, we have launched a HOMOLOGATIONS program that allows professionals, users and consumers to have the guarantee that the facilities, products or services they buy or use, meet all rules, regulatory and security requirements in force.

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